Probably the world’s most Environmentally responsible (and trusted) shopping bag

Reduce     Reuse     Recycle     Restore

Lightweight, strong, extremely
compact and designed to last.

Not just better for the environment,
Zenbags are better for shopping too.

Bags for trees
0 planted so far
1 Year guarantee (double stitched, extra durable)
made from recycled plastic bottles
Each Zenbag is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles
recycle plastic
Each Zenbag can be recycled again
1 Tree is planted for every bag sold (carbon negative)
10% of profits go towards protecting our oceans

Probably the world’s most environmentally responsible (and trusted) shopping bag… 

With each Zenbag you buy, you help reuse 3 plastic bottles and save well over 200 plastic bags from being produced and thrown away.

We also plant one tree that will absorb CO2 (as well as providing an African family with food and income), and make a contribution towards protecting our oceans, helping leave the world a better place. 

Feel better when you shop. Use a Zenbag.

Not just designed to be better for the environment, or to give back more than they take; Zenbags are also designed to be a superior product:

zenbag information

Despite many bans and taxes on single use plastic bags, globally we are still using over one trillion every year. Each bag is used for an average of 12 minutes, but will pollute the environment for up to 1000 years. By replacing them with reusable bags we can begin to reduce this insane wastage.

Made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, Zenbags use less energy to produce than most other fabrics, while preventing plastic from building up in landfill or oceans. And, at the end of it’s life, each one can itself be recycled, thus reducing its end to end footprint even further.

For every Zenbag purchased we will pay for one fruit tree to be planted. These trees will help offset and reduce CO2 levels, as well as provide food and income for African farmers. This is thanks to the good work being done by our friends at Trees For The Future.

Plastic bags have been polluting oceans and killing sea life for decades. When they end up in the water they are easily mistaken as jellyfish, and therefore eaten by many species, including turtles and whales. We thought it fitting then to donate 10% of all profits to help correct this.

1 Year ‘We Pay’ Guarantee

Each Zenbag has been designed for optimal strength. We use only high grade rPET fabric, and ensure seams are double stitched so that your bag lasts. 

However, if for some reason your bag fails within the first year, return it and we will be happy to replace it at no cost.

And, if any of your grocery items should break as a result, we will also pay for your shopping. (If only supermarkets offered to do the same on traditional plastic bags!)

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