Be A Part Of Zenbag’s Mission To Plant 1 Million Trees

Simply tell a friend, share on social media, or buy a bag and together we will make a difference…

Actually, just by visiting this page, you have already helped. Let me explain…

It is no secret that right now our planet needs more than a little TLC. Indeed, that is why we started Zenbags – to turn part of the problem into part of the solution.

Climate change and deforestation are pressing issues, and while not a complete solution in itself, the more trees we can plant the better. That is why, as a business, we decided to set ourselves the challenge to help plant 1,000,000 trees. 

Then we had a crazy idea…


Every business has marketing costs, and Zenbags is no different. But what if, rather than giving our money to Google and other media giants, we could direct our marketing budget to helping plant even more trees.

That is why, in addition to each tree we plant for every bag sold, we are also planting 1 tree for every 10 unique kiwi visitors to this site. 

But, to do this we need your help…

By sharing this URL on social media or emailing it to your friends, we can get more people to visit the page, and we can plant more trees. It takes only a few seconds, but for every tree we plant you will help sequester over 300KG of CO2 and provide food and money to a family in need.

Plus, if any of those visitors go on to buy a Zenbag, you will have helped create an even bigger difference. 

If only every small action we took could have such a positive impact!

To make it even quicker and easier to join in the mission to plant 1 million trees, just use one (or more) of the options below…

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Finally, a bag worth talking about!

What are Zenbags?

Single use plastic bags have been getting a lot of bad press recently, and for good reason. Unfortunately many of the alternatives have been labelling themselves as ‘eco friendly’, when they are anything but.

Just because something is reusable, does not make it environmentally friendly. Many of the bags on the market today use virgin plastics – the same as the bags they are trying to replace. 

Even bags made from natural fibres typically have a carbon footprint over 100 times greater than a single use plastic bag.

That is why we created Zenbags…

Reusable shopping bags that not only use 100% recycled plastic, but also plant a tree for every bag sold. 

These trees not only offset the bags carbon footprint many times over, but they also help provide food and income to struggling villagers in rural Africa. 

We also donate 10% of profits towards protecting our oceans. In this way our bags can act as an ally to marine life, rather than the enemy. 

“Probably The World’s Most Environmentally Responsible (And Trusted) Shopping Bag”

Visitors so far. Help us get more so we can plant more trees.